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Seminar / workshop

Seminar dates cannot be booked at present



the workshops / seminars are aimed exclusively at specialists who already have experience in pigmentation.


NHP-special nano hair pigmentation / hair tattoo / tricopigmentation



Further information by email or phone: 017666858341



The following seminar / training can be booked:


Hair pigmentation, scalp tattoo, nano scalp pigmentation, tricopigmentation




- Correct drawing of a hairline


- Adaptation of the drawing


- Conceal scars, created according to FUT or FUE, special camouflage technique


- Technique after cosmetic surgery, accidents and burns


- New and correction drawings


- Hairline, complete redesign with light shading, for example in the case of total baldness, after illnesses such as alopecia or after chemotherapy


- as a visual correction after accidents


- General corrections


- Device and color knowledge


- Mix colors correctly / color knowledge


- The anatomy and physiology of the scalp


- Methods of skin assessment


- skin types and conditions


- Inflammatory and non-inflammatory changes in the skin



Exclusively individual seminars



Additional bookable:


Nano reconstructive pigmentation on eyebrows


4 days individual seminar; 4 days, 10am to 4pm or by personal arrangement




2 models required - organized by participants.


For participants with further travel we recommend or organize accommodation for you on site.



Registration and further information:





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