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Stimulate hair regeneration with microneedles

Microneedling is not only anti-aging for the skin, it can also stimulate hair growth.


How microneedling can stimulate hair growth

The principle of microneedling for stimulating hair growth is the same as for skin rejuvenation: the fine microneedles that gently penetrate the scalp with the help of the pen create the smallest injuries on the skin, which the organism strives to heal quickly. As is known from the skin, healthy, regrowing skin is characterized by the fact that it looks much fresher and rosier than it did before the injury.

On the scalp, of course, because of the hair, you can't see this as clearly as on the skin of the face, but you can see how the microneedle treatment affects hair growth, as the better blood circulation in the skin means that hair loss can be stopped and that too Hair growth can be stimulated!

It has been observed that hair growth sometimes occurs on the edges of wounds.

It has therefore been concluded that the same factors that promote healing in the case of wounds can also lead to the formation of new hair follicles.

In other words: wound healing may stimulate hair growth!

Microneedling is used to deliberately create the smallest, completely harmless and barely noticeable wounds that effectively stimulate hair regeneration.

The needle treatment also enables active ingredients that can stimulate hair growth to be absorbed much better by the skin that has been opened by the microneedles.

The benefits of hair regeneration with microneedling

Microneedling with the pen is not only very simple and therefore inexpensive, but also involves minimal risk of injury, as the fine titanium needles, which only penetrate a few millimeters into the skin, do not permanently damage it. The skin regenerates on its own.

Customers also report that they hardly feel the needle sticks, so that one can speak of an extremely well-tolerated method in which the healing process only takes a few days.

It is also gratifying that after the scalp treatment there is no increased sensitivity to the sun, which could otherwise cause problems, especially for people with very thin hair, if they are exposed to the sun's UV rays.

And last but not least, the microneedle treatment can also be easily combined with other methods of stimulating hair growth.

Microneedling as anti-aging for thinning hair

The treatment with the microneedling is suitable for all people who suffer from thinning hair. Both women and men can get thicker and stronger hair again, provided that the cause of their hair loss is not genetic or hormonal and not the result of an illness.

Microneedling for scars

Microneedling can also be used to treat scars quite successfully. Here, the haptics of the scar can be changed with a few sessions.

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