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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

In the following, the practice GI-MHP micro hair pigmentation / Susanna Vierkötter is named as the contractor / service provider and the customer as the client / customer.

The services and offers of the contractor / service provider are based exclusively on these terms and conditions. These apply to all contracts that the contractor / service provider concludes with the client (buyer, customer) for the goods / services or services offered by the contractor.

The contractor's staff is not entitled to make verbal agreements with the client in connection with the contract that deviate from these general terms and conditions.

Offers contained in brochures, advertisements, etc. are subject to change and non-binding, including with regard to prices. The contractor is bound to specially prepared offers for 14 calendar days.

We do not treat people under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs.

Before each overall service (before the start of a series of treatments), the client must fill out a declaration of consent in which all information must be answered truthfully and this must be signed. The contractor undertakes to use this data only for the purpose of the service to be provided, taking into account the data protection clauses and not to pass the data on to third parties or outside persons without the written consent of the customer.

The contractor cannot accept any liability if the customer is harmed by the service that is based on information provided by the customer and this turns out to be inadequate. This applies primarily, but not exclusively, to physical conditions, medical or medicinal requirements, or activities outside of the practice.

The contractor is not responsible for the loss or destruction of personal belongings and the client's property that have been brought into the practice.

The client is obliged to inform the contractor about possible allergies, medication or illnesses (e.g. neurodermatitis, HIV, hepatitis, epilepsy, etc.).

We reserve the right to refuse customers without reason.

In principle, when an appointment is made, a deposit is due, which is offset against the total price immediately before the appointment, but at least 150 euros per appointment and 200 euros for Saturday appointments. In the case of micro hair pigmentation, the down payment is a complete session rate: 760 euros. This pledge guarantees the seriousness, reliability and punctuality of our customers. Appointments can be postponed no later than two working days before the appointment so that we can reassign the appointment. If this does not happen, we will keep the deposit. If an appointment is canceled without a valid reason, the deposit will be retained as an expense allowance. This also serves as a small safeguard if a customer does not show up on the agreed date or cancels in good time - i.e. two working days in advance. The customer is responsible for any unpredictability or illness.

Please keep the appointments punctually, in case of delay we ask for notification, as then it cannot always be guaranteed whether the appointment can still take place (due to possible follow-up appointments). In the event of illness or prevention on our part, we will endeavor to offer a short-term alternative date.

We recommend a weekly rhythm for every micro hair pigmentation and also for semi permanent make-up in order to ensure a good result. Every semi permanent make-up treatment consists of three steps: basic treatment and two follow-up work - a good result can only be guaranteed if all three appointments are met.

The contractor is entitled, in spite of the customer's provisions to the contrary, to offset payments against his older debts and will inform the customer about the type of offsetting that has taken place. If costs and interest have already arisen, the contractor is entitled to offset the payment first against costs, then against interest and finally against the main service

The basic price for each treatment in the practice is € 150. The basic price is the costs for the preparation of the treatment room with disposable material such as couch cover and doctor's roll, masking of all usable parts with special foil, bandage with a semi-permeable membrane or cream bandage, all necessary equipment, machines with adjustable single-use machine handles & needle modules, disinfectants , Colors, running costs of the practice and all other necessary materials etc .; we only work with high quality disposable material.

If a session is terminated prematurely by the customer (e.g. due to sensitivity), the entire session price is still due, as a corresponding time has been scheduled for this. For the completion / follow-up appointment, an additional session will be charged at least in the amount of the basic price of € 150. Other agreements must be made in writing on the declaration of consent.

Basically, every single session of micro hair pigmentation takes between 3, 5 and 4 hours.

Payment is generally made before the start of the session in cash, EC card with PIN or credit card with PIN - we accept Master Card and Visa (for credit card payments and payments via PAYPAL there is a processing fee of 4% of the total amount, but at least € 5.00)

In cooperation with our partner MediPay / MedKred, we offer our customers the option of payment in installments, for example 6 months with 0.0% financing.

Gift vouchers can be bought from us for any amount. Vouchers are not paid out, not even partial amounts. The treatment is carried out in compliance with all hygienic regulations, using professional instruments and techniques. We only use sterile single-use materials.

The contractor informs the client in detail about care instructions for the follow-up treatment of the treatments carried out on the client. Care instructions are given before each treatment and the contractor is always available for advice and questions.

We do not accept any liability for subsequent problems caused by, for example, incorrect care, incorrect ointment, incorrect behavior, incorrect sun protection, etc. The contractor has the right to demand compensation for all damage caused by the customer. Thefts are reported.

In the event of problems of any kind, such as unpredictable color loss, possible bleeding of the color, etc., the customer undertakes to inform the contractor immediately, i.e. immediately if such problems occur, and to make an appointment for an assessment in the practice in order to discuss further steps. A personal appearance of the customer in the practice is immediately necessary in the event of any problems and if they occur, and this is agreed.

The customer undertakes to display appropriate behavior during his visit to the practice. If the customer continues to behave improperly even after a warning, the contractor has the right to expel the customer from the practice and, if necessary, to ban him from entering the premises.

The customer agrees to the terms and conditions when concluding the contract, and if complications arise, the customer waives claims for damages or other costs of any kind incurred as a result, as well as recourse claims against the studio / practice, pigmenters and their suppliers.

Status: 07.12.2017

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