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Andi V8
8 reviews
21 hours ago New

Unfortunately, after having my tonsure area pigmented at Elite Hair, all I got as a result was a large black spot painted on my head. I contacted Mrs. Vierkötter if she could correct this. She said yes and I opted for a full head pigmentation. The result has become indescribably good. Thanks to its nanotechnology, the result is deceptively real! A whole new attitude to life has emerged! 1 year later circular hair loss developed in the beard area. I was on the ground and contacted Ms. Vierkötter about this. Here, too, she agreed to pigment the beard. Just like with the scalp pigmentation, an absolutely ingenious and deceptively real result. I take my hat off to Ms. Vierkötter's skills. Due to the brilliant results, it is not surprising that Ms. Vierkötter does not have to advertise and is fully booked months in advance. Once you have been there you will immediately appreciate the difference and the performance/capability compared to other pigmentation studios. For me, no other person than Mrs. Vierkötter can get close to the skin on my scalp and face. I hope she stays forever, your skills are second to none! Even after 2 years I am more than satisfied with the result!

Nataly A
11 reviews
18 hours agoNew

Ms. Vierkötter knows her trade, great attention is paid to hygiene and the request for treatment is implemented individually. Enough time is taken & you feel completely comfortable and in good hands. You are in very good hands here and you will also receive very good care and advice as part of the aftercare.
Thank you for everything :)

Wilfried Bruehl
2 reviews
8 months ago
My first review ever and Mrs. Vierkötter really deserves it. I have been dealing with the topic of micro hair pigmentation for a long time. A video on YouTube then led me to Ms. Vierkötter. The video was posted by a customer. After the first phone call, I was very confident that I had made the right choice. On site, I then completely relied on Ms. Vierkötter's recommendation for the hairline and color. Her professional and friendly manner immediately inspires trust. I am now more than satisfied and happy with the result. Many thanks for that, Ms. Vierkötter


PS: I won't write anything about the prices. But I was more than positively surprised. It is also more expensive .... much more expensive.


Fabian Hann

2 reviews

2 months ago



Andrew Zechlin

Local Guide · 38 reviews · 16 photos

2 years ago

Susanna Vierkötter conjures up hair on "incomplete" heads. Her patients benefit from Ms. Vierkötter's artistic skills. Combined with the use of the right technique, these skills enable Ms. Vierkoetter to pigment a new hair pattern on her patients' heads that looks completely real and natural. Bald spots, a receding hairline or the like that bother people are a thing of the past. For her patients, this is a huge benefit in many ways. You leave the practice a new person. Their self-esteem increases and they can go through life carefree.

De Palatine
14 reviews · 1 photo

a year ago
​ Mega professional and absolutely sensitive 😊
Good job.
I have no regrets about the long journey.
Thank you Mrs Vierkoetter

Daniele Arrivabene
7 reviews
3 years ago
Mrs. Vierkötter always gave me super friendly, absolutely professional advice. In three sessions, an incredible result was achieved. I am very enthusiastic and can only recommend it to anyone who is looking for discreet, professional treatment to get the problem out of the way. For that I give 5 stars, these are based on the work, friendliness, ambience and the goal that has definitely been achieved. Absolutely recommendable 👍👍👍

LG Arrivabene

Ioannis Anastassiadis
1 review
3 years ago
Ms. Vierkötter is very professional attaches great importance to hygene is very friendly gives very good advice. The result after the treatment I am very satisfied and can only recommend you.

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