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Hair pigmentation
Ultra Nanohair by Susanna Vierkötter

In Lohmar near Cologne & Bonn in North Rhine Westphalia
Ultra Nanohair by Susanna Vierkötter

GI-MHP offers unparalleled service with fantastic natural results. With our state-of-the-art technology and the finest medical products, each treatment is individually tailored to your needs. This enables you to achieve your goal of full, thick hair quickly and effectively.

Our biggest concern is that you feel special and look amazing.

Our advanced technology and a comfortable, stress-free atmosphere make GI-MHP the best choice when it comes to hair pigmentation.

With our location in Lohmar in the Rhein-Sieg district near Cologne and Bonn in North Rhine-Westphalia, with Ultra Nanohaar by Susanna Vierkötter we provide the most tried and tested and most exclusive method of hair pigmentation in all of Germany.


Not only the very simple method of hair pigmentation, but also hair drawing and a combination of both techniques; both dark and light, reddish or white hair.

Corrections of recorded pigmentation.


There are many options - ask!


GI MHP Haarpigmentierung Kombimethode Stoppel und Härchenzeichnung

GI MHP Haarpigmentierung Kombimethode Stoppel und Härchenzeichnung

Would you like to have visually full hair - and that without surgery - without a scalpel?

In all those situations in which a hair transplant is not possible due to the lack of a donor area in the hairline, purely optical hair thickening by means of scalp pigmentation is currently the most effective treatment technology.

Mikrohaar by Susanna Vierkötter has almost 19 years of experience in the field of improving the appearance of hair loss and hair loss situations.

There are now many providers in Germany, but hardly any, who have such a long experience and are able to use special techniques.

The method of nano hair pigmentation developed by Susanna Vierkötter enables pigmentation even with very light blond as well as gray and even white hair as well as corrections of unsuccessful treatments.

Do you live in the Cologne / Bonn area in North Rhine-Westphalia or further away?

Call our mobile phone hotline today and make an appointment for a consultation with Susanna Vierkötter directly in the practice or you can arrange a time with us for a telephone consultation ..... every consultation is of course always free of charge and ... you speak always directly with your dentist!

Contact me today and I will help you with a free consultation to find the right solution for your hair loss - the right and perfect solution for women and men!

It's a really quick solution, in just a few hours the hair pigmentation not only gives you a new hairline, but can also thicken your existing hair and hide scars.

Hair pigmentation looks 100% natural and will have an absolutely positive effect on your appearance from the very first session and make your hair look fuller.

The hair pigmentation is almost painless - but can also be carried out with a surface anesthetic if desired.

There is no need for a long recovery period like after an operation - you can go back to all your activities as usual the next day.

I know these problems from my own experience, namely how one can be troubled by genetic, circular hair loss or conspicuous scars on the head (which I myself have had on the top of the head since an accident).

That is why I am there for you and that is exactly what I am here for!

Your Susanna Vierkötter

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Susanna Vierkötter

Phone: 02206 911508

Mobile: 017666858341

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