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Scar corrections

Every scar

has its own story ........

..... but not every scar should be seen.

The GI scar treatment is an effective therapy to conceal hair transplants and scars after operations and injuries all over the body so that they are practically invisible. If there are scars that appear bright or dominantly red on the skin and are annoying, these can be drastically reduced in their visibility or even made completely invisible by adjusting the color to the skin tone or the hair color.

With flat scars without strong keloid formation as well as raised scars, it is possible to optically retouch the tissue and hide the scar as best as possible by means of a color-accurate pigmentation.

Raised scars can be prepared using different methods to remove the haptics of the scar.


The skin absorbs the pigments differently due to hardened tissue. Several sessions are therefore essential for optimal and natural treatment of the scar.

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