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Semi nano pigmentation

Micro und Nano Semi Permanent Make Up ist die neue Generation des permanenten Make Up.    Die ganz NEUE Methode, frisch aus den USA, für allerfeinste 3D- Härchenzeichnung bei Augenbrauen, perfekte oder sanfte Linienführung bei Augenlidern, zarte Betonung von Lippenkonturen oder aber eine Vollschattierung. Mit einem speziellen Softliner und nanofeinen Nadeln.



Reconstructive work on eyebrows, e.g. at Alopecia areata:



Finest, natural-looking hair drawing, applicable to women and men.


With the Germany Ink GI-MHP micro semi-pigmentation method you get a deceptively real one


3D eyebrow hair drawing.


Our new method is used in the thickening of the remaining eyebrows or also,


if a new and complete reconstruction of the eyebrows is necessary, e.g. in the case of alopecia areata universalis.


When we meet someone, the first thing we look at is their eyes. You can tell from them whether someone


is happy, sad or afraid. However, it is not only the eyes themselves that are decisive, but also the


brew. Eyebrows are an important part of the face as they contribute to the symmetry and expressiveness of the face


contribute. They also reveal a lot about a person's character and personality. The position of the


Eyebrows also give clear clues about a person's emotions.


With the GI-MHP Nano Semi Permanent Method, eyebrows can be more expressive, but also completely


be redesigned, missing hair growth can be added optically; emphasizes any shading that may be underlaid


the expressiveness of the eyebrows in a natural way. Even small scars can be overdrawn.


Many people appreciate the visual effect of pigmentation on irregular or thin eyebrows.


With fine hair drawings, eyebrows can be completed, thickened or completely restored.

















The new trend from the USA - what was not wanted at all yesterday and was happily removed is absolutely hip today!



Look sexy, younger, cheekier in just one hour thanks to Freckling, the latest trend from the USA. With more than 16 years of experience in the field of micro and nano hair pigmentation, you are in the right hands to give your face a cheeky and therefore more youthful look with fine, perfectly matched and correctly distributed freckles to bestow. You decide on the shelf life of the "freckles" - normally around 1 to 3 years, but initially only for 3 - 6 months. After that, the freckles will fade again and you will decide whether or not to freshen up.

Always keep in mind that this is your face and opt for many years of experience and skill.




Redrawing nano semi pigmentation


Correction of existing pigmentation


Medical, reconstructive pigmentation

(e.g. colored nipples reconstruction: nipple drawing after breast surgery)


Scars corrections on the face / body with the camouflage technique


Please note:

We want the result to be perfect for all of our customers. That is why our treatment price always includes the basic treatment and two necessary follow-up treatments within three months.

All three appointments are also necessary for a good and natural result - please make sure you attend these appointments, otherwise a consistently good result cannot be guaranteed!

We also offer cheaper refreshment prices after one or two years so that our customers really always look perfectly groomed.



Call me!


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Freckling- Sommersprossen tätowieren bei GI-Mhp in Lohmar
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