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Vorher-nachher Bild Shaved Look-Bild aus der GI MHP Fachpraxis für Haarpigmentierung 53797 Lohmar

Your new life starts now ...


Treat yourself to a full hair image - within a few hours!


Ultra Nanohair by Susanna Vierkötter


GI-MHP Ultra Nanohair by Susanna Vierkötter offers natural, aesthetic looking TOP

3-D pigmentation of ultra fine nano hair, scars and corrections. That means that here we specialize in hair pigmentation and everything related to it. We are not only characterized by high quality materials (already now REACH standard pigments!)  and services, but also by the fact that we want to satisfy you at all times. We cordially invite you to explore our website and learn more about our offer and if you have any questions, ask us !

Hair pigmentation


No matter what type of hair loss the problem is - with GI micro or ultra nano hair pigmentation (also SNP scalp nano pigmentation, SMP scalp micro pigmentation, tricopigmentation, MSP micro scalp pigmentation, micro hair) it can be completely different after one treatment. Whether you have a completely bald head or just thinning hair, with the GI - MHP nano hair pigmentation we offer you a fast and fresh treatment method that enables you to immediately achieve a full hair appearance without surgical intervention.

This groundbreaking method is a purely visual improvement of the respective hair situation ... isn't that a dream? A full hair look in just a few hours!

With this type of hair pigmentation, our specially developed GI-MHP nano hair by Susanna Vierkötter technology with microfine, even really nano-fine needles from 0.12mm in diameter, injects color pigments into the scalp almost painlessly.

The pigmentation is often mistakenly referred to as "tattooing hair" - but that is not the case!

A tattoo is something completely different and differs not only in the way it works, the devices, needles but of course also in the color. (That's why it's called pigmentation, and not hair tattoo or hair tattoo.)

In addition to many years of experience, excellent equipment and the very finest needles (our needles for nano hair are finer than microneedles), the colors are extremely important for nano hair pigmentation: not every color can be used for nano hair pigmentation. An MHP / NHP only looks natural and perfect with special colors, the molecules of which have a certain size. The duration of the durability of a color is determined by the content of the pigments in the solution. For a longer period of "durability", of course, the right technology and then also the appropriate color are necessary ... and, last but not least, experience in this area.

With almost 19 years of experience in the field of micro or nano hair pigmentation and the specially developed mixing technique of these colors, I give you the durability possible for every skin type, with an absolutely natural look.

The procedure of a nano hair pigmentation is in the broadest sense similar to a micro permanent make-up. However, it requires significantly higher demands on professional competence and technical implementation in order to guarantee a truly aesthetic, natural result.

Choose quality, years of experience and OR hygiene ... after all, it's your head!


If you are completely bald:

Thanks to optically simulated 3D stubble, the result looks as natural as a modern shave: a “shaved look”

Depending on the situation, there are two treatment options / techniques: the method of drawing in stubble or the combination method, stubble and small hairs.

Light hair:

MHP is the ideal treatment method for thin, thinning hair in both men and women.

The visibly bald or light head areas are pigmented with pinpoint accuracy so that the hair looks thick and full again.



Ugly, bulging scars can be optically adapted to the rest of the scalp so that the entire area can be made almost invisible. With drawn hairs or with

the camouflage technique or a combination of both techniques. This camouflage method can also be carried out on the hairless skin area, e.g. on the face and other parts of the body. Further treatment methods for scar correction are microneedling and the innovative BB shading technique - ask us about it!


We also know the problems associated with alopecia areata or universalis and we know very well how stressful this disease can be. We not only create a new hair look, but also completely natural looking eyebrows.


More pigmentations


We use very fine pigmentation with our nano needles not only in the facial area - but also for very fine hair or very light skin types. This process is perfect for the fine compression of light areas in the head and face area. This can be the beard with small, light areas or irregular eyebrows. But also construction work on eyebrows or eyelashes with alopecia areata universalis , alopecia areata totalis or after chemotherapy can be done with very natural looking results.


Hair pigmentation gallery




Unfortunately, there is always the problem with recorded pigmentation that has not turned out as expected and does not satisfy you - in such a case you have come to the right place at GI-MHP to have a correction carried out. Here, too, you benefit from my experience in this area from the past 19 years.

The GI - MHP scar treatment is an effective therapy to conceal hair transplant scars and scars after operations (such as nipple reconstructions) on the whole body so that they are practically invisible. If there are scars that appear bright or dominantly red on the skin and are annoying, their visibility can be drastically reduced or even made completely invisible by matching the color of the skin or the hair color.


With flat scars without strong keloid formation as well as raised scars, it is possible to optically retouch the tissue and hide the scar as best as possible by means of a color-accurate pigmentation.

Raised scars can be prepared using different methods to remove the haptics of the scar.

For example with microneedling and / or an innovative BB shading treatment, through which the color of the scar can be adapted to the surrounding area.



Treatment process


In the run-up to any hair pigmentation, of course, there was always a detailed consultation, either in the practice or by telephone. At the first appointment, we first discuss the correct hairline together and draw it in. Everyone reacts differently to this treatment; Therefore it is not a problem to treat the areas to be treated with an anesthetic ointment if you are sensitive, so that the treatment can be carried out as good as painless. The needles used in SV GI-MHP hair pigmentation are really nano-fine; the needle sizes used by us used ranges from 0.12 mm to a maximum of 0.18 mm, because years of experience have shown that only superfine needles can lead to natural results. Two to sometimes four different needle sizes are used for each session; Based on almost 19 years of experience, this is absolutely necessary to create an aesthetic hair appearance.

In the first session, a basic pigmentation is introduced, which is thickened and deepened with each subsequent session that is required.

GI MHP hair pigmentation owes a good reputation to the uncompromising commitment to each of our customers. We know that your hair pigmentation wishes can sometimes change at short notice. It is no problem for us to adapt our services quickly so that nothing stands in the way of your satisfaction.


Photos hair pigmentation, gallery - click here

with work from this practice



Just pay in installments!

0.0% financing


Treat yourself to natural-looking, optically thick hair this year without sacrificing:

with convenient 0% financing!


An easy decision for you - to pay the treatment costs in easy installments!

With us you can conveniently pay your treatment costs in monthly installments - with the medipay or MedKred partial payment!


You choose the term and monthly rate yourself according to your personal options with ours

Financing partners Medipay or MedKred.


You can use the installment calculator on this website to run through a desired financing option, for example with Medipay, in order to find out exactly what is possible.

If you pay the costs within 6 months, the financing is completely free of interest and charges!

Would you like more information?


Call us or send us a message via whatsapp / viber / telegram to 0176-66858341 or email.


.... a few more words about hygiene ..


The most important thing for you is that it becomes a natural-looking micro-hair pigmentation - of course! Please do not forget, however, that you work with needles in your skin and therefore absolute hygiene is the be-all and end-all of every treatment. At GI-MHP we only work with sterile single-use materials / needles. This also means that all items that are required for the treatment are completely disposed of after each treatment and that completely new equipment is stocked up for each new treatment. Whether a new bed cover, every drawer handle or lamp handle or the cables, the machines themselves, etc., i.e. everything that the practitioner touches during your treatment, is of course disinfected beforehand at GI-MHP and also either covered with or with special foils special adhesive films masked to avoid cross-contamination.

Our disposable needles are the finest available: with needle sizes from 0.12mm to 0.18mm in diameter, the finest and absolutely natural-looking hair pigmentation is possible and feasible.

When it comes to the quality of the colors and all other materials, we also make no compromises: only the very best material is used for you. Color shades often have to be specially mixed from our many already finished color nuances that we have in stock. Especially with light skin types and lighter or even reddish hair colors, this is necessary in order to achieve a good result; therefore it is imperative to know how the colors can be mixed: many years of experience are a guarantee.



Training / seminars


Dates / bookings for training courses and seminars "Microhaar" are only available again from summer 2023 and places can only be booked again from this period.




L eiden another day to your hair problem.


Benefit from my almost 19 years of experience in the field of MHP / NHP as well as flexible appointments and call me for a free consultation!

Gladly by phone, after sending photos of the head situation via whatsapp, viber, telegram to:


Landline: 02206/911508

whatsapp / viber / telegram:   0176/66858341


Call today and arrange yours free consultation.


I look forward to your call!

















































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